Hostinger Provides Comprehensive WordPress Migration Allowing Jake to Focus On His Portfolio

Hostinger Provides Comprehensive WordPress Migration Allowing Jake to Focus On His Portfolio

This customer service-oriented designer had a rough time with his previous web hosts, so when he needed another one to power all of those sites and projects on the go it was more than just about finding something cheap – there were some specific features that would make life easier for him as well. That’s why going live chat within GetHostinger seemed like such an ideal decision!

The Background

Jake is a website branding specialist and back-end developer who has developed several sites for friends. Jake values bandwidth, interface quality as well customer service when looking at hosting providers – especially if they offer both things in one package!

The Challenge

Jake was frustrated with the customer service he had received and wanted to find a hosting provider that would offer him better support. But as soon as he started looking for new web-hosting services, his worries were realized because most of them didn’t have particularly good reviews from their past clients who had experienced slow responses or inconveniently scheduled upgrades during high traffic periods like Christmas holidays when people are trying urgently change pages on sites they’ve been working hard promoting all year long! After getting burned by those providers’ lackadaisical attitude towards fixing problems caused directly

The Action

Jake’s fingers were crossed when he received a call from GetHostinger. The company offered to help with the migration and even had an automated solution for quickly performing website moves during off hours, which meant no stress involved! In just four hours of work on our servers (including verifying domain), they had done all that needed doing so Jake could resume his regular duties as always – thanks guys!!


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